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We write patents, file patent applications, prosecute patent applications through examination, handle registration and renewals.

Patenting can protect functional devices, systems and processes having new and inventive features. Functionality of software may be protectable.

We manage whole patent portfolios, including Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) international applications and overseas national and regional patent processes.

We have a network of trusted and recommended overseas representatives to meet overseas patent office requirements for local representation.

Technology areas: Mechanical and electrical engineering, Physics applications, Transport technology, Agtech, Medtech and Medical devices, Resources (mining, oil & gas, exploration, data acquisition, conveying) systems and processes, Sports technology.

Patent Drawings:

We produce some patent drawings in-house or utilise trusted external drafting services to provide drawings to meet patenting standards


Patent Searching: 

  • Freedom to operate – per jurisdiction looking back up to 20 years to identify live patents of relevance
  • Novelty – worldwide for live or dead patent applications/patents
  • Competitor and technology watch services


Mark has managed patent portfolios for start-up, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and national and international companies developing diverse engineering and hi-tech solutions, such as for vehicle suspension and engine management technology, materials handling, mine equipment and mineral exploration tools, medical devices, marine and Agri-tech.  Particular examples include managing a large international patent portfolio for a vehicle suspension company within a world leading OEM vehicle components group.

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